Welcome to brandbox, the first subscription box designed specifically for your branded merchandise spend. What is it exactly? Well, it's everything you've been waiting for. One quarterly box filled with the most important products, brands, and opportunities in our entire industry. You're welcome.

How often have you heard "hey what's new in the promotional products industry?" Likely, too often. Branded merchandise needs to be seen, touched, and tried to be completely understood. We know that. We're here to put you ahead of the game.

Nike, Puma, ADIDAS, S'well, YETI, and so many other incredible brands exist in our industry, but how could you know that? With an incredible array of branded merchandise (over 750,000 items now available), it would be impossible for you to keep up with all of them. That's what we're here for. Sit back, and relax.

Stop stressing about your next event. Your dedicated Account Manager will walk you through each item in the box, and get you on the right path of planning your next event with ease. Choosing your next promo should be fun, not cringe-worthy.

What's Inside
Ghirardelli Gold Bar
Tech Taco
Bowie Softy Pen
Bari Notebook
Aluminum PopSockets Mount
Have some questions? No prob. A little more information can be found below:
What is the cost of the brandbox?
Currently, the brandbox is in our pilot program, making it absolutely free. That's right. No credit card required, no contracts. Simply call us, or your dedicated Account Manager to be added to our pilot program, and you'll receive a complimentary shipment of the next available brandbox.
What's inside the brandbox exactly?
So happy you asked! The brandbox by promodealer program abides by the following rules: 1. No box will have more than 1 item from any single supplier. 2. No box will have more than 5 items. 3. Each box will have completely unique, new, fun items in our industry. 4. Each item in the box can represent just 1 category in the promotional industry (i.e. no more than 1 apparel item, 1 drinkware item, 1 writing instrument, etc.) 5. The brandbox will always contain products from only the best, vetted suppliers in the industry, period.
Do I qualify for the brandbox?
Well, yes and no. While we'd love to offer the brandbox in it's pilot program to each and every one of our clients, we simply can't. If you'd like to qualify, simply reach out to your Account Manager for a quick interview. Don't have an Account Manager yet? Give us a ring at 877-538-5982 and we'll connect you with the best in the industry. Soon enough, everyone will have a chance to be a brandbox subscriber.
Do I have to purchase the exact items in the brandbox?
Absolutely not. The brandbox isn't there to sell you, it's there to show you. To expand your imagination in the world of branded merchandise. It's there to show you what's possible, and get your mind working. We're here to show you that merch spend has the highest ROI in the entire advertising industry, and the options are limitless. Step into our world.
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